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How to Save Money on Supplements

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How to Save Money on Supplements

The road to a better health is often fraught with many obstacles: temptations such as yummy (but ultimately unhealthy) food, bad habits, the lack of motivation and discipline when it comes to exercising, and the often high costs of nutritional supplements.

Let’s talk a little bit about those supplements. In a survey conducted by the Council of Responsible Nutrition in the United States, it was found that 68 percent of adults in the country regularly take dietary supplements, the most common of which are vitamins and minerals, specialty supplements like omega-3 fatty acids, herbals and botanicals like ginseng and green tea, and supplements for weight management and sports nutrition. Yes, it’s a big industry, and it gets bigger each day. Unfortunately for many of those taking these supplements, it also takes away a big chunk of their money, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to save money on supplements, and here are some of them.

Use coupons to buy supplements

For those who need more nutrients than what healthy meals can give, a great way to save money on supplements is to buy them at a discount using coupons and vouchers. Both supplement manufacturers and retailers use coupons as a promotional strategy to draw more customers in and it’s something you can take advantage of. Some of these coupons can be downloaded and printed out for use in-store, while others have discount codes you can use whenever you shop online for your supplements for places like The Protein Works. Some companies give out coupons when a customer signs up for their email list, so be sure to check them out.

There are also websites offering buy one, get one deals on supplements, while others offer daily deals on a particular supplement. You can bookmark these sites or sign up for their newsletters so you can be receive emails on which products will receive a price cut—if you’re lucky, you can get the supplements you need for as much as 80 percent off when you buy online.

Know which ones to take

You can take supplements without consulting your doctor, but it’s really best to see a health care provider first. Dietitians, pharmacists, and doctors can help you determine which dietary supplements will be valuable for you depending on the state of your health and medical history. You might be purchasing supplements you don’t really need. Remember that supplements are products that are intended to well, supplement your diet. If you’re already on a good, well-balanced diet and have a healthy lifestyle, you may just need some multivitamins to maintain overall health and may not have a need for other supplements.

Think about alternatives: plan healthy meals

Speaking of diet, another way to save money on supplements is to plan meals and prepare food that naturally contain the nutrients your body needs. You won’t only combat hunger, you’ll be getting your daily dose of vitamins too. For instance, eating dark leafy greens or drinking freshly-squeezed oranges would give you vitamin C, while having sweet potatoes and carrots for lunch gives you vitamin A. There are many healthy, delicious recipes online to help you get started on your nutrient-rich meal planning.

If you’re unable to get the nutritional intake from meals, as may well be the case for bodybuilders or athletes, you may really need to go out of your way to the nutrition you need. It takes a bit of diligence and patience but your efforts will pay off in the long run when you realize how much you are able to save on supplements.

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